Recycling Your Computer

Q. I wanted to get rid of my old computer. Do you take trade-ins?

A. You can no longer put your computers in the trash in Massachusetts. It is against the law. Also there is a recycling fee for disposing of your computer in most towns.

Therefore, I cannot accept old computers, even as gifts.

Q. How can I recycle my Computer? I hate to throw it out.

A. There are a number of places that will recycle old computers for use in education, or for use in needy areas overseas. Here are some web pages with some information:

  1. Electronics Donation and Recycling

  2. Consumer Education Initiative

  3. Mass. Resources on Waste & Recycling

  4. MassRecycle's Recycling Directory

Please note that some of this information on these pages might not be completely up to date. Be sure to make telephone calls in advance before dropping off your computers.

If you have a computer that is not working well. please do not donate it to a local church or charity, without checking in advance.

Often, they might not have the resources to get it running correctly. Or it might not have the power to do the things they would want to do.

In this case, it would be better to donate the machines through one of the resources listed above.