Viruses & Scams

Q. All of a sudden I have a screen telling that all of my documents are encrypted, and they want me to send them $300 dollars using something called BITCOINS to unencrypt them.

A. This is a scam, and it depends on how much of a backup, or if you have a proper backup. This is a case where sometimes it is less expensive to pay the crooks.

Depending on the exact situation, we might be able to do something. Call us.

Virus specialists have recently cracked the encryption on one of these viruses, and can provide a decryption password with a sample of an encrypted file. I will help you with this.

The encryption is pretty solid, and the only way out of sending the creeps money is if you have proper backup. This includes online systems like Carbonite. Recent discussion says that if you pay the crooks, then you will eventually get all of you data back. If they took your money, and did not get your data back, them eventually people would figure out that it makes not sense to pay them.

Q. All of a sudden I have a screen telling that the FBI wants me to send them $300 dollars as a fine for doing something wrong with my computer. HELP!

A. This is a scam.

Someone is trying to trick you using a virus from a booby trapped website  Do not send them any money.

This virus is fairly easy to clean up with the correct tools. The longest part is double checking to make sure that nothing else in in your system

Q. I turned my computer on, and all of my windows icons run away from my mouse arrow. This is kinda funny, but I need to get my Windows fixed. What is going on here?

A. You probably have a Computer Virus.This is not a laughing matter. The Virus name is Magistr, and depending on what version it is, it can be very nasty.

Some viruses don't do much much damage. Several versions of the Magistr Virus can destroy and damage your files, as well as send stuff to people in your email address book. While recovery from an erased hard drive is possible, it can be a long and therefore expensive process.

Get somebody to come over and fix this as soon as possible.